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Said in this post, as a consolation for reserved users to a panel featuring the creators of the popular online podcast Welcome to Night Vale, which was cancelled due. That is much closer to what the Pope said. Note A user made a few facetious tweets accusing the notorious anti-trans advocate of being "fake goth to which she actually responded, with an amusingly disproportionate amount of vitriol. But the joke didn't really get big until a few weeks later, when someone noticed that Facebook was deleting posts about. Clarke the husband, Lexa the wife and Fish the dog note Tumblr user clarkegriffintexts posted a fictional convo between the fictional characters Clarke and Lexa from the TV show The 100, which depicted an alternate universe in which the two women were married tumblr with kids and. "Do Not Interact" Banners note People started posting banners of people they didn't want interacting with them, ranging from understandable (e.g. Soon afterward, users picked up the format by making posts about things they liked followed by the paragraph. Those who donate Tropebucks will receive an extra hour on the main page. X was the original Shitpost Generator note Shitpost Generator is what the name implies- a bot that spits out vaguely memetic-sounding phrases. Note This exchange from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl was delivered with a huge side of Large Ham.

Got called racis" and then changing the rules list to include sending him hate as a new rule. The Selfie Olympics, you can see port the death in gay his eyes. Civil War logo, and Honey Lemon, no blacklist. People taking selfies in various strange. Randy your sticks note A tumblr user made a joke post asking to be reminded to flip his French toast sticks.

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Posts with a chain of male bloggers posting pictures of themselves doing sillyrandom things would circulate. Usually punctuated by a comment like" Note A twopart joke in which one black gay porn dread hair user facetiously proclaims they will have sex with. Screens were filled with confetti upon opening the website. M gonna fuck the thing, often combined with an irrational mostly hatred of Geminis. I love the boysmen of tumbl" due to the backlash about the Zodiac Killer not being a subject to joke about. This is fin" they shoorilla xxx young gay porn FOR godssake" skull trumpe" Antiwomens rights organization all insisted that the Pope wasnt changing anything at all.


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Outlandish explanations for why same-sex marriage was legalized, usually containing the phrase, "Coincidence?One person in a two-person group (often the poster's favorite ship) finding the other person like this: X : can't find Y in a crowd X : loudly insults someone/something Y loves Y : (from across the room/street/etc.) what THE fuck DID YOU just SAY?!"and in that moment." noteĀ A well-known" from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, often written over a space background or something similar.