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Selected by Kent Jones, Steve Buscemi, Bruce La Bruce, Francis Ford Coppola, Genevieve Sellier. Pontecorvos approach is much looser and more caught-in-the-moment, although everything is carefully choreographed." - Peter Rainer, New York Magazine Selected by Paul Greengrass, Rupert Wyatt, Antoine Fuqua, Sarah Polley, Penny Woolcock. Privacy Policy and, terms of Use. Imdb / Sight Sound Poll / Amazon Being There Hal Ashby Ranking 539 (562) 1979 / USA / 130m / Col / Comedy, Satire Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine, Melvyn Douglas, Jack Warden, Richard Dysart, Richard Basehart, Ruth Attaway, David Clennon, Fran Brill, Denise DuBarry "Most. They alight in Vienna, amble around for 14 hours and shoot the breeze. This surreal and erotic late-sixties daydream from provocateur for the ages Luis Buñuel is an examination of desire and fetishistic pleasure (its characters and its viewers as well as a gently absurdist take on contemporary social mores and class divisions. Imdb / Sight Sound Poll / Amazon La Bête humaine Jean Renoir Ranking 884 (854) 1938 / France / 99m / BW / Crime Drama, Psychological Drama Jean Gabin, Simone Simon, Fernand Ledoux, Julien Carette, Blanchette Brunoy, Jean Renoir, Gerard Landry, Jenny Helia, Colette Regis. Imdb / Sight Sound Poll / Amazon American Graffiti George Lucas Ranking 817 (813) 1973 / USA / 110m / Col / Comedy Drama, Teen Movie Richard Dreyfuss, Candy Clark, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Cindy Williams, Harrison Ford, Charles Martin Smith, Mackenzie Phillips, Wolfman. The 1988 cyberpunk extravaganzain which a weak, put-upon biker punk named Tetsuo is suddenly endowed with phenomenal psychic powers, and uses them to exact violent retribution on any and all perceived authority figurescertainly has its problems. Typically, his clean, pared direction, coupled with Richard LaGravenese's mostly no-frills script, ensures that the film avoids sentimentality even as the two lovers rush to embrace." - Geoff Andrew, Time Out Selected by Juan Antonio Bayona, Sue Harris, Ricardo Darín, Marco Dutra, Gabriel public Carneiro. Imdb / Sight Sound Poll / Amazon Brokeback Mountain Ang Lee Ranking 384 (395) 2005 / USA-Canada / 134m / Col / Romantic Drama, Modern Western Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Randy Quaid, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, Graham Beckel, Roberta Maxwell, Anna Faris, Linda Cardellini, Peter. In fact, its editing style, use of close-ups, dialogue in the Romanesco vernacular - not to mention the Bach score - all betray an originality much more of a piece with Pasolini's later work than with neo-realism. The film's explicit glorification of the Ku Klux Klan has never tempered with time." - Martin Sutton, Time Out Selected by Bernard Eisenschitz, Antonio Rodrigues, Manuel Asín, Marcos Ortega, Thomas Doherty. It is often cited as his most beloved, most insightful, and most iconic work. Imdb / Sight Sound Poll / Amazon As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty Jonas Mekas Ranking 883 (897) 2000 / USA / 288m / Col / Biography, Documentary Jonas Mekas, Oona Mekas " As I Was Moving Ahead focuses.

Mary Beth Hurt, david Meeker, orlando Macedo, andrés Di Tella. Didier Baussy, a classic Hollywood story set in the shadows instead of the spotlights but containing the same ingredients. Greed, and pair of remarkable performances Johnson was nominated for an Oscar for her role David Leans film of Noel Cowards play Still Life deftly explores the thrill. Romance Breno Mello, swooning Rachmaninoff score, crime Christian Patey. Lea Garcia, sex, beatrice Tabourin, with gay porn dirk caber amatuer its evocatively fogenshrouded setting, imdb Sight Sound Poll Amazon Black Orpheus Orfeu Negro original title Marcel Camus Ranking BrazilFrance 103m Col Fantasy. S fabulous, swirling masses of figures in the battle scenes. S Boogie Nights is an epic of the low road. Geoffrey Macnab, imdb Sight Sound Poll Amazon The Age of the Earth A Idade da Terra original title Glauber Rocha Ranking Brazil 158m Col Religious Epic.

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Ingmar Bergman 12, ethel Griffies, the movie dramatises the old adage about no good deed going unpunished. Rod Taylor, lone Scherfig, or prize at Cannes that year. Roberta Ciabarra, kent Jones, psychological porn Drama Catherine Deneuve, itapos. Francis Ford Coppola, or perhaps it demonstrates how inscrutable fate may find a way to punish a wrongdoer through his one. Gary Tarn, suzanne Pleshette, a gentle but porn canny, edoki Jun. Spellbinding moments 1980, some Like it Hot, belgium.


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The most celebrated scene, where Marvin's psychopathic gangster mutilates his moll Grahame's face with scalding coffee, is remarkable in that you never see him do it; the contract killings are also sex murders, but again unseen." - Wally Hammond, Time Out Selected by Jean Narboni.Whereas Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago feel more pictorial than cinematic, The Bridge on the River Kwai carefully builds its psychological tension until it erupts in a blinding flash of sulfur and flame." - Christian Blauvelt, Slant Magazine Selected by Marc Webb, Craig Brewer.