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Uncle Tony said and continued rimming my ass like a pro. Mmm yeeaaaah lick that shaft.". "I need to pee boy." Daddy said after seeing my puzzled look. Daddy stood up and placed himself in front of me, his cock at perfect view. He porn video dads sons gay enjoyed his smoke and handed one to daddy who came to cuddle behind. I had rough rugged hands touching my body, had handsome muscular men treating me like a bitch, and both had smiles across their face. "That was fucking insane, bro!" Uncle Tony said, chuckling between puffs. Their hot muscled bodies glistened with sweat as they pounded me good. I gasped and both Daddy and Uncle Tony chuckled. He had a sexy tribal full-sleeve tattoo on his left arm and his right pec bore an italian flag tat. I thought he would jump down from the back of the truck and pee somewhere around the truck, but daddy simply stood up where I stood doggy style and as Uncle Tony licked my ass crack good, daddy started relieving himself. I was a nerd, a chick nerd. Suck my dick clean. Uncle Tony is a bit shorter then daddy. "Slam that hole, brother. He had rough hands like daddy and an equally large dick. They high-fived a few times and howled like wolves. Uncle Tony was kneeled behind me, playing with my smooth ass. He smoked like a typical construction worker. "Now i'm going to ride the fuck out of you. Let's fuck this bitch." Daddy said, taking a last puff of his cigar and throwing it away. I loved daddy's mustache but Uncle Tony's boyish good looks suited him. Of course, thoroughout my young teenager life I'd experimented. We made out, we touched, we played and we were better friends for it but I never honestly figured that I was 'bisexual' so to speak. I felt like a prized possession. His smoke resting between his lips, his eyes slanted and a grin on his lips. I couldn't moan since my mouth was busy pleasuring my daddy's dick. Yeaaaah" "Oh fuuuuck Stefano - yeah ride Uncle's dick. We laid in the back of the truck for hours. "No thanks to Stefano." Daddy answered and winked when I looked at him. With his tattoos and his smoke, he looked like a thug.

Daddy and Uncle Tony enjoying beers and cigarettes and swapped stories of incest their younger days. Ohhhhhh fuuuuck Iapos, soon after I felt warm jizz flowing in my mouth. quot; i brought my left hand to daddyapos. S 6 foot tall and has broad muscular shoulders.

Uncle Tony is a bit shorter then daddy.He's 6 foot tall and has broad muscular shoulders, backed by the an impressive pair of biceps.He had a sexy tribal full-sleeve tattoo on his left arm and his right pec bore an italian flag tat.

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Quot; he pulled out before coming and he stroked his cock for a few gay minutes before shooting impressive amounts of cum across my back and ass. Both of them were grunting and calling me degrading names. Sometimes I would look back to admire Uncle Tony smoking that cigarette. He had medium length brown hair and his eyes were dark and sultry. He grabbed the back of my hair and forced my mouth back onto his pisscovered prick. Yeaaaah, your boy has a nice pussy. He panted hard as he forced his massive sausage inside my buns.

I sat down on his dick, my back to him.He grunted between puffs on his cigar and he really got into it when Uncle Tony placed himself behind.Hormones were raging and I hadn't had a boyfriend in such a long time that I really didn't know what to do with myself.


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He was clean shaven.At first I was startled and so was Uncle Tony who simply sat his back against the truck and lit himself another smoke.I was enjoying myself and I could see daddy was too when he pulled his dick out of my mouth.