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Its probably nothing, the guy who buys one of our girls knows shes good for twelve. Why dont you go back to your room and change. Physically attractive, greg clapped twice and the group of young nude women gathered near the base of the diving platform quickly entered the pool and began searching for the plastic cards now lying on the bottom. She displayed a set of brilliantly white teeth. Maybe relentless even fifteen or more fucks every day. We want her to feel good about sex. I glanced to Cynthia and she laughed. And well get together later, how Island Royale has remained such a wellkept secret.


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We dont punish the girls who are forced to drink, obviously, but weve dealt harshly with the others.With our cups in hand Greg guided me through the swinging doors and over to one of the service elevators, and as we ascended he apologized for the earlier interruption but quietly explained that Management felt it best that the sex staff not overhear any.Weve got a pretty nice lounge down on the second floor I dont like to venture down into the lobby too often and mingle with the guests and of course we have some girls up there all the time, serving as bartenders and such.