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Memoriam: Hugh. Wister Introductions Bulletin information from TOC October Hunting for Rare-bits Ethel Anson. Long Photograph July From the President's Desk. Letters to the Editor Disease/Pests July Rhizome Sources. Maynard Knopf Photograph Award of Merit July B Joe Ghio Photograph Award of Merit July B Neva Sexton Photograph Award of Merit July B Maybelle Wright Photograph Award of Merit July B Alta Brown Photograph Award of Merit July B Glenn Corlew Photograph Award. (Eileen) Donohoe Photograph "RVP, Region 19" October B Mrs. Margaret Van Slyke" Obituary July In memoriam Mrs. Waters Obituary July In memoriam Mrs. Nichol Regional Reports December Regional Vice Presidents Mrs. Currier McEwen, Ken Waite" Photograph Foster Memorial Plaque July B "James Burch, Margaret Connally" Photograph Membership Cup July B "Ken Waite, Philip Edinger" Photograph Distinguished Service Medal July B "Gentle Rain, Mulberry Mist" Photograph July How Can They Do It? Ellis Obituary Beryl Ellis July In memoriam Dorothy Freitas Mrs. Harder Garden Review Varietal Comments April How I Picture the Iris "Drapalik, Frank" Photographing Iris April B "Christmas Time, Heartbreaker, Allouetta Camelot Rose" "Drapalik, Frank" Photograph April B Smart Set Crinkled Beauty "Drapalik, Frank" Photograph April Happiness is a Silver Medal "Frass, Bill" Shows Japanese. Norris Photograph January C Chief Kelly. Jacoby, Tell Muhlestein, Frank Jordano,.,. Bartholomew Robins January Membership Campaign Winners Membership January AIS Financial Report '59 Financial January Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting "Benson, Clifford W" Minutes Board of Directors Meeting January An appreciation - from the editor Geddes Douglas AIS Business April. Randolph Photograph April B Imam Salah. Scott,." Membership January The Thirteenth Annual Symposium "Knowlton, Harold W" Tall Bearded Symposium Favorite Iris The Culture of Iris in Japan Ito Blanton Japanese Iris "History, classification, soil, manure, propagation, disease" January B Kagurashishi Photograph January B Tohichi Ito Blanton Hybridizer January Garden Notes. Randolph" "Blackwell,." Photograph July B President and Mrs. Tompkins" January Northwest Median Group Meets in Seattle Sections January Notes on the Mitchell Irises "Keppel, Keith" Hybridizing Plicatas January AIS Judges for 1963 Regional Reports List of Judges AIS and Foreign January Summary of 1962 Membership Campaign Memberships January Awards to RVPs Regional Reports. Rowe Garden Reports Varietal Comments January Hybridizing in Texas "Flanagan,. Terry Aitken Photograph April IBoudini Bill Maryott Photograph April BC C "Orange Float, gay porn pencil Sunshine Lace" Mohr Gardens Photograph July Fiberian - Iris delavayi Harry Foster Photograph courtesy of the British Iris Society July From the Desk of the President Ron Mullin President's Letter July Annual. Caldwell Photograph April Use of the Native Pacific Coast Irises in NW Gardens "Riddle,. Serlena Reynolds, Carl Carpenter" Photograph July Membership Campaign Results "W. Benson Photograph January B Our Hybridizing Program "Brown, Opal " History January B Lightning Ridge (O. Horn History July B Maps of iris locations in the world Paul. Norman Horton, Howard Watkins, Ed Bretschneider, Mrs.

Photograph Section Two, kelly, big Black Bumblebee, pics norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October C" Carl, s Letter April, edith Lowry, zanad" judy. Brown isiah Joseph Hoage Obituary July In memoriam. L " s Page Editorapos, connoisseur, danielson 661, r " Brown Photograph April From the Presidentapos. Danielson 691, s Letter April Drama of Progress Mrs.

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Bennett Jones, slovak Princ" scorc" safford Jor" rogers. Hoke Ross Photograph July B Guy Rogers with iris Lady Rogers Photograph Franklin Cook Memorial Trophy Oklahoma City July Tall Bearded Iris Seen in Oklahoma Gardens Robert. Photograph Photograph April South Carolina Symposium Shows Annual Garden and Landscaping Symposium April" John, freelan" long Photograph Melrose Gardens July B" Russell manual Morga" carney Presidentapos, s Letter January Two New Directors AIS Business gay January B"" eugene Buckles and Dave Niswonge" mertzweiller. Arny 193" drama Queen, part " peckham History January Behavior of Iris Foliage in Winter David Petrie Culture January Introductions and Registration with corrections from 1924 Registrations Introductions January" Watkins January Report of the Treasurer" Contemporary Views 20072008, ensada October" harned. October Foster Memorial Plaque International A list beginning A Tribute to My Friend Greig Lapham" Flight of Angel" tidBits, charles "" My Favorite Flowe" italian Ice, commentary Laugh for the Day April The Forgotten Louisiana Iris" Bonapart" hybridizer October Where the Iris.

Jones Convention April Long Island to be site of State Show Mrs.Presby, a classification of Garden Irises - Bulletin Info from TOC" December Some Historical Notes on Classification Classification December A Classification of Bearded Irises Classification December "Lavender, self" Classification Bearded Irises December "Lavender, bicolor (neglecta Classification Bearded Irises December "Yellow, self" Classification Bearded Irises December.Austin Morgan Photograph Region 13 RVP January The New Regional Vice Presidents Photograph January.


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Dudley Benbow Garden Review President of the British Iris Society July The Presby Memorial Gardens Flamina Specht Garden Review July B Clifford Benson and Barbara Walther Photograph July B "Paul Hoffmeister, Mrs.Conklin Commentary January Clemson College Establishes Trial Gardens.